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Slick Patch Notes


This patch should fix a number of problems that a number of people had with Slick.  Due to the way releases are handled by Microsoft it could take a while before it’s up.


  • Added sliders for sound effect and music volume accessible from the main menu.
  • Slightly increased thumbstick sensitivity.
  • Optimized map files to decrease size.
  • Slightly increased running speed to make certain jumps a tad easier while not having much of an effect on the other parts of the game.
  • “Start” button will now confirm input on menus.
  • Decreased collision box on spiked turtles down to the same as any other turtle.

Bug Fixes

  • Unpausing the game will no longer cause you to jump if you’re on the ground.

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Hello World!

Welcome to the Halcyon Softworks blog!  Here you’ll find progress reports on current studio projects, post-mortems of finished games, technical stuff, and game design related posts, among other things.

To give some background, Halcyon Softworks was established in early 2012 by Kyle Hershey at the age of seventeen, and recently released its wonderfully retro debut title “Slick” for Xbox Live Indie Games, with a planned release for PC as well.  While currently a one-man operation, Halcyon Softworks has plenty of room for expansion in the future.  Our second unannounced title is currently in development for the Xbox Live Indie Games and PC platforms.