Release Date:  July 24, 2012
Platforms:  Xbox Live Indie Games, Desura (PC)

Relive the classic era of platforming. Hop, bop, and journey with Mick Slick through five treacherous worlds and one hundred levels ranging in difficulty from simple to hellish nightmare. Features original tunes by John William Cleary.

Slick has been beheld by many as one of the hardest games ever, if not the hardest.  If you don’t like a challenge, Slick is not for you.


Release Date:  August 16, 2013
Platforms:  Xbox Live Indie Games

Test your wits and reflexes in 30 levels featuring a blend of puzzle and twitch, presented in an enhanced classic style. Place and rotate reflectors to guide bullets, find the human race a new home, and defeat the demon head Zomba in a poorly assembled plot line reminiscent of an era of poorly assembled plot lines! Features an original soundtrack by Terry L. Williams.


Release Date:  October 5, 2013
Platforms:  Xbox Live Indie Games

Step aside, 8-bit, and make way for 1-bit. Are you a bad enough dude to jump and shoot across three large, treacherous worlds in a bid for the title of “world’s hardest game”? You’ll have to think fast, shoot fast, and move fast in order to stand a chance. Features an awesome soundtrack by Terry L. Williams that’ll rock your socks off.